A text for reflection on the Gospels

The presentation of the book by Massimiliano Arena takes place Friday, December 12

After the presentation of last year on the first volume of “Face to face with the Word” by Massimiliano Arena, comes the second volume dedicated this time to the Sundays of Year B.

A text for reflection on the Gospels, provocateur and rich variety of culture and social changes that accompany the journey of life and faith from week to week, from Sunday to Sunday as they are presented in the Sunday celebrations. A text written by a young layman of Manfredonia, Massimiliano Arena, committed in the city in different church activities, cultural and social, with a degree in Religious Studies, for several years is concerned to communicate the Word of God through reflections and provocations, trying to use a simple and direct language, with the purpose of being able to get to the heart and mind of everyone, especially the younger generation.

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