Before Summer Theater Review

It starts Sunday with Massimo Ranieri, then Biagio Izzo and Alessandro Siani

Music and theater, amusement and fascination. August of great events for San Giovanni Rotondo, which is preparing to offer an extraordinary trio of shows put on at 21.30 at the Pope Park, and everything in the Neapolitan key. With the collaboration and the support of municipal government, the initiative provides for the display of great Italian artists of the likes of Massimo Ranieri, Biagio Izzo, Alessandro Siani, first in the series “Summer Theatre” which already promises to be a and expectations of the most crowded in recent years in Capitanata. To open the program Sunday, August 7 Massimo Ranieri will be just that for several years is bringing on stage the show titled “Song because I can not swim,” came to more than 500 replicas made in Italy and abroad. The “cantattore” Naples continues to offer the show in which copyright music blend perfectly with so many exceptional duets, scenes of merit and charming atmosphere in which, through its biggest hits, is traced to its extraordinary career with songs like Rose Red, Losing the love grass in my house, I think, or the robe. There are, however, the tribute to pieces by the same author chosen Ranieri and considered among the best in decades. Friday, August 12 will be up to Biagio Izzo and Friday 19 August, the grand finale of the show is entrusted to Alessandro Siani. Tickets can be purchased individually, but also in a convenient formula that holds together the three subscription performances. For information: 0039 0881-526011 or 0881-530840 or 333-7022800 or

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